“Tattoo” is a word that originates in the Polynesian languages of Tahitian and Samoan. Introduced to the English language by Captain James Cook in his travel logs from his voyage around the world from 1768-1771, “tattoo” has become trendy and fashionable in the Western world. Yet the true definition and significance is a mystery to most.

South Pacific Skin is a glimpse into the journal of a woman traveling alone around the isolated islands of the South Pacific. Join her on her journey as she seeks out the deeper meanings and unusual stories behind the cultural markings of their people. Amanda Fornal visited these islands while creating her documentary Blood & Ink.

Each day, Amanda recorded in her travel log her unique encounters and tribulations which took place over four months, through nine countries, twenty islands, forty interviews, and over fifty flights. She photographed an 80-year-old woman whose skin held the last cultural tattoo of its kind, slept with a knife because she feared for her wellbeing and visited villages where it has be said, “pigs are worth more than women”.


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